We will fix your CONVERSION issues after iOS14 update

How iOS14 Impacts Facebook/Instagram Ads

Mobile ads make up 94% of Facebook advertising revenues out of those 47% uses iPhones.

Facebook Pixel relies on browser cookies but after iOS 14 updates, Apple decided to block cookies by giving access to users to set "Not to track apps activity".ย The message give people the option to opt-in for tracking resulting less conversions as more people choose to opt-out of being tracked. Due to less pixel tracking activity of user activity, there will be less data to work with when optimizing ads.

Facebook Domain Verification

1. Enable Facebook Conversion API
Conversions API doesnโ€™t use cookies, which means itโ€™s not affected by browser settings. And that means it can track customer website browser actions.ย 

Aggregated Events

minimize your loss of tracking visibility by measuring advertising performance using your UTM tracking variables.

using the Facebook Conversions API, UTM tags, and First Party Data is a solid strategy to feed insight into your Facebook Ads campaigns.


Facebook Browser + Server Side Conversions

Conversions from server side CAPI

Conversions from server side CAPI

Real Time Conversions from Server

Google/Youtube Ads Enhanced Conversions

Google Ads Enhanced Conversions


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